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新视野大学英语读写教程第二版unit1 section A learning a foreign language_图文


Unit 1 Section A
Learning a foreign language

Warm up –Class Activity
Make a list of approaches about online learning.


QQ, We Chat, MSN 交流软件媒体 Web browsing and download learning materials 网页浏览以及下载学习资料 Online course网络课程 Face to face videos simultaneously 同步 视频 Watch videos as needed根据需求看视频

Link to online learning-preparation activity Skype call 网络电话 virtual classroom 虚拟课堂 interactive whiteboard 交互式电子白板 native Chinese speaker以汉语为母语的人 fluent a. 流利的 online class 网络课程

Link to online learning

Link to online learning-preparation activity
flipped learning model 翻转课堂模式 video lesson 视频课程 at your convenience 在…方便的时候 iphone/ipad app. 苹果手机软件 review activity 复习活动 practice 练习 enhancement exercises 提升练习 audio lesson 视听课程 sign up 签署 free trial lesson 免费体验课程

Link to online learning
How could online learning help people with language learning?

Link to online learning

Discussion How could online learning help people with language learning?
People learn by videos. It helps people learn at their convenience. People learn by themselves and find emphasis more easily. More efficient.

What are the advantages and disadvantages of online learning?
Time-saving, money-saving, efficient… No interactions with other learners or teachers… You should have one computer first

Pre-reading activities
1. Go over the following words and phrases before listening.

gain command of 掌握 online learning 网上学习 overcome frustrations 克服困难 junior middle school 初中 online course 网络课程 proficient adj. 熟练的,精通的 advantage n. 优势 schedule n. 时间表

junior senior -ior是拉丁语中构成比较级的词尾,作比较 时用to而不用than。常见的这类词还有: inferior 次的 superior 优秀的 minor 较小的 major 较大的 词语搭配: be junior to 比…人年少

2. Answer questions after listening. 1. When he was in junior middle school and he gained command of the language after he took English through an online course. 2. Online learning has taught him to better manage his time so that he could include his online studies in his busy schedule. 3. Open-ended.

3. Filling the blanks
The internet may be able to help you overcome your frustrations ____________________with learning English. I started learning English when I was in _________ junior middle school. I didn’t, however, gain command of the language in the classroom. It was only when I tried learning English through an online course that proficient The online course was I finally became__________. just as difficult as classroom study, but it provided advantages better results. There were many other ___________ to online learning as well. It taught me how to manage my time better to include my online __________ schedule Learning better time studies in my busy________. management has paid _____________ many rewards since.

Class Activity--Do Re Mi
Let's start at the very beginning A very good place to start When you read you begin with A-B-C When you sing you begin with do-re-mi Do-re-mi, do-re-mi three notes The first ________just happen to be Do-re-mi, do-re-mi Do-re-mi-fa-so-la-ti easier Let's see if I can make it_______

Doe, a deer, a_______ female deer Ray, a ______of drop golden sun Me, a name I call myself Far, a long, long way to run needle Sew, a _______pulling thread La, a note to follow Sew jam and bread Tea, a drink with __________ That will bring us back to Do Do-re-mi-fa-so-la-ti-do So-do! Now children, do-re-mi-fa-so and so on are only the _______we use to build a song. tools Once you have these notes in your heads, different tunes You can sing a million ________________by mixing them up.

The Sound of Music

Words and expressions
Listen and read the words and expressions.


in reward for 作为回报 reward sb. for (doing) sth. 因…酬谢… reward sb.with sth. 用…回报 a well-earned reward 受之无愧的回报

Larry complimented her and was rewarded with a smile. She was generously rewarded for her work.

Link to CET-4 请使用reward的各种形式进行填空
reward The real ________of good teaching is seeing students learn. Guy Grant chose to work as a researcher at Cambridge in order to do financially more _____________work. rewarding rewards This writing practice brings _________that can’t be seen in bank accounts, but only in the success of human relationships. Reinforcement occurs when we receive direct or indirect ___________or punishments for rewards particular gender role behaviors.

positive a. (体检结果)阳性的 反义词: negative a.消极的,阴性的

别只是看着我,给我提些积极的建议吧。 Don’t just watch me; give me some positive advice.

positive + answers/ orders/ instructions / proof/ evidence/ attitude/ method


the former…the latter…前者…后者… 汤姆和约翰是好朋友,前者比后者年长. Tom and John are good friends, and the former is older than the latter.


give/offer an opportunity grab/seize/catch an opportunity抓住机会 have the opportunity to do/for sth.有做…的 机会 take the opportunity to do/of doing sth.抓住 机会做…
opportunism n.机会主义 opportunist n.机会主义者


have/gain/get/obtain access to 得以接近;得以进 入;有权享用;

The only access to that building was guarded by the soldiers. Scientists have only recently been able to gain access to the area.

assert v.断言,主张 assess v.估价,估定 asset n.资产 excess n.过度,超额

Link to CET4 请把以下句子补充完整
have access to 1. That means users ______________notes from not only their classmates and Face book friends, but anyone who purchased the book across the country. access 2. Easy _________leads to customer’s overconsumption. 3. A US study suggested that when a school gave children __________ access to a natural environment, academic levels were raised across the entire school. 4. He cannot __________to get access the assigned book.


participate in =take part in participate with sb. in sth. 与…共同分担…

班上的每一个同学都要参加英语朗诵比赛 Everyone in the class is expected to participate in the English recitation contest.
拓展:participant n. 参与者 a.参与的 participation n.参加


virtual classroom 虚拟课堂 virtual net 虚拟网

如今,电视实质上主宰了文化生活。 Nowadays, television has a virtual monopoly over cultural life.


make a commitment to do致力于… take/undertake a commitment to do sth. 承诺做 我们承诺要继续在一起工作。 We made a commitment to keep working together. 拓展: commit v. 犯(罪行) commit a crime commit suicide

Link to CET4 请使用commit的各种形式进行填空 1.Violation of a rule is misconduct even if it is — committed ___________with good intentions. 2.You are pointing out the errors he committed has____________. commit 3.He’s about to _________suicide when he’s interrupted by an old man who says his name is Smith. commitments 4.They have jobs and other_____________. 5.They lay more emphasis on _____________and commitment devotion.


a minimum of 至少;最少的 minimum wage 最低工资 minimum cost 最低成本

这是我们所要求的最小数量。 This is the minimum quantity we require.
拓展:minimize v. 把…减至最小量 maximum n.最大量的,最大限度的


be embarrassed at sth. 对…感到尴尬 embarrass sb.

他的笨拙令他感到尴尬。 His clumsiness embarrassed him. 拓展: embarrassing a.令人尴尬的 embarrassment n.


post office 邮局 post graduate研究生 post card明信片 post up张贴于 官员们开始张贴警示布告。 Officials began posting warning notices.


get benefit from得益于 mutual benefit互惠互利 social benefit社会公益 for the benefit of为…的利益 他们能从游戏中得到什么利益吗? Do they get any benefit from this game?


gain/have an insight into看透,识破 该项目将使科学家们对地球大气层正在发 生的情况有更新的了解。 The project would give scientists new insights into what is happening to the Earth's atmosphere. 拓展:insightful a.富有洞察力的

Words practice –vocabulary on page 8
1. rewarding 2.communicate 3.access 4.embarrassing 5.positive 6.commitment 7.virtual 8.benefits 9.minimum 10.opportunities

Homework 1. 温习并记忆单词 2. 使用课后短语造句 3.练习歌曲 Do Re Mi 4. Find a partner 5.预习Section A课文 完成第八页练习1,3